The Designer

Françoise Elizée first entered the fashion world with a love for handbags, exotic skins and colors. In December 2008, she launched her first "Françoise Elizée collection" of exotic skinned handbags to rave reviews. Said reviews gave her the boost to continue with subsequent collections that woould be featured in lists such as "what to wear now" as well as features in "Elle" & "In Style" magazines to name a few. Françoise's vision has always been the same - to offer a remarkable product with exceptional quality and attention to detail. Despite being self taught, her strong entrepreneurial skills helped her as she traveled to countries like Italy, France and the Middle East to see what the other celebrated and veneered designers were creating. With the help and guidance of her peers, she honed in on a style that would be a cross between her own and other well regarded women who made fashion history. After many successful handbag collections, Francoise decided that Haiti, her country of origin needed a little something different for women. In September 2012, the first 5 star hotel in Haiti opened, so did "Le Boudoir de Françoise Elizée", which would be her first accessories store, located in the retail forefront of the Oasis Hotel in Port au Prince, Haiti. Her store features many sought after accessories and brands.

Never one to wait on what's to happen next, Françoise has recently launched a jewelry collection which features "VeVe" symbols which have different meanings. This collection features the use of various metals and also Swarovski crystals. Said collection is to launch in Spring 2014.

With many exciting things happenning in the future for Françoise, she is excited for what's to come and as always hopes that you will appreciate her craftsmanship and designs in her various collections.