Chiang Mai & Phuket on my mind

Francoise Elizee

Posted on February 11 2018

November was an amazing month for me, and much of it was because of my travelling opportunity to Chiang Mai and Phuket, Thailand. Thailand has always been a target Asian destination for me, largely because the culture is very intriguing and the tropical climate and beachy vibe has always been my thing.




Granted, I did many tourist-y things there – but I also made sure to take my leisurely time to really soak up the culture and just take it all in. As much as I wanted to cram as many activities and tourist sites during travelling, I also didn’t want to lose the wanderlust spirit and saw to it that I had lots of time to explore in an unhurried manner. Travelling has always been in my nature, and with that goes a genuine desire to learn more about a new culture by simply immersing myself in it – the sights, sounds, people, food, cultural artifacts – instead of just zipping through a museum and reading descriptions of things I’d otherwise find online.



November in Thailand proved to be a wonderful time to travel. It was sunny for the most part of the day but it wasn’t sweltering hot that walking around became tiresome – which meant fun, travel fashion opportunities. Ergo, I was able to get a lot of mileage on foot ! In terms of travel fashion, I made sure to pack light and brought pieces that I could easily layer if need be. My Thailand travel fashion wardrobe consisted of lots of light pants, airy sleeveless tops, lightweight military jacket (it was chilly on some nights) and a few choice accessories. And of course, lots of cute beach wear to lounge in on Phuket’s gorgeous beaches!




And of course, when in Thailand do as the locals do ! The best cheap thrills can be had as soon as you step out of your rental, with street food vendors nearly every couple of feet! If you have an adventurous tummy as do I, you’ll have a grand time exploring the culinary treats that await both visitors and locals right there on the street. In particular, the sliced green mangoes with spicy-sweet-salty chili sauce poured on it was spot-on. Much of the fare that I’ve sampled was bursting in flavor, with a good number of them teetering on the spicy-sweet side. But of course, one shouldn’t miss the traditional pad thai and sticky mangoes with rice – staple meals that Thailand is known for !




Walking around made me realize how much inspiration can be found in the temples and structures in Chiang Mai and Thailand. The intricate patterns, luxe touches of gold, and elaborate carvings that are abundant in their places of worship is a complete design experience in itself, not just a religious one. It brought me back to the colors and stylistics of my own Haitian culture, which many designers try to capture and represent on accessories and clothing.



Needless to say, I came back from my trip refreshed, relaxed and re-inspired. There is really something about travel that gives you a new and fresh perspective on life and how you live it. Thailand was a perfect destination in the tail-end of what was a very great 2017 for me !


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