River Yacht Club Miami Restaurant

May 09, 2016 1 Comment

River Yacht Club Miami Restaurant

Girl’s Night Out in Miami: River Yacht Club

Miami has quite a few waterfront restaurants and when hot days get installed, a terrace on the river, from which you can admire the water surface and flying seagulls, it’s a real blessing. If it happens that the wind is also blowing, it’s just amazing!

One of my favorite spots, nestled discreetly on the shores of the Miami River, the River Yacht Club, is like a refreshing escape from the bustling city. It’s the perfect spot for dining and entertaining in a spacious design with an amazing view: a stunning backdrop of the Miami skyline and a full view of the Miami River.

In a mix of classy elegance, modern nautical décor and lighting, and over indulgence you can find a large variety of seating options, inside and out, but the only things you need to consider is that the views are breathtaking and the food and drinks will blow you away!

The terrace is very beautiful and ideal for the lovely Miami weather we’re enjoying right now. I loved sitting outside for dinner, the place it’s just fabulous. You can try one of the many fantastic dishes created by Chef Christopher Rendell. I tried the fish and their skirt steak, which were fabulous. But, what I liked most is that their menus are seasonally driven and they use their ingredients very creatively. Can’t wait to try another delicious treat, I have my eye on the fried grouper bits.

You can rest assured that you can also have something good to drink. My girlfriends actually have their signature drink, which they really enjoy ;) Our girl times at the bar are really fun! The River Yacht Club has an amazing collection of different champagnes, and wines, all so delicious. And, the lounge music perfectly accompanies the decor, at the perfect volume, allowing us to talk and socialize.

There is also a private enclave which allows boat owners to comfortably dock.

The River Yacht Club is a very popular spot, which is worth a try, especially if you like places with amazing views and amazing people.

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Carmelle A St Gerard-Lopez
Carmelle A St Gerard-Lopez

May 10, 2016


Congratulations Françoise; Keep going,
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