The First Chapter Of "Haiti Rediscovered"

Francoise Elizee

Posted on February 05 2018

Chapter 1: Pascale Theard

Photo Credit: Pascale Theard


Behind every successful woman in fashion is another woman who has inspired her to go out there and create from the heart, and this is something that I can truly attribute to Pascale Theard. A creator and purveyor of genuine leather accessories that tell about Haitian culture, her passion and dedication to her Haitian-influenced craft is a fitting opening chapter to my book on women who inspire me in my own journey.


Pascale is not just an inspiration but is more than a friend. I fell in love with her Haitian leather accessories, and we connected over our abiding respect and desire to promote the very best of Haitian culture. We worked on my first book together, and for that I am truly honored.


My admiration for Pascale and her genuine leather accessories reached an all-time high when I had the opportunity to visit her showroom: a chic and cheery atelier that is part factory of Haitian leather accessories and part repository of fabulous Haitian culture. It was a pleasure to have a tour of the place where all her designs come to life, and I consider it an honor to be in the midst of the people who make each and every piece that you see on her website.

Photo  Credit: Pascale Theard 


What I particularly love about Pascale’s products is how well they exude the richness and happiness of Haitian culture: the vibrant colors, exotic prints and patterns, and tributes to distinctly Haitian elements (hello, cute voodoo keychains!) with a decidedly charming twist. Altogether, these components make up beautiful and functional genuine leather accessories that are essential to any woman’s wardrobe. Her bags, shoes, and other Haitian leather accessories stand the test of time, style-wise; they deliver that much-needed panache to an otherwise very basic outfit today or even fifteen years from now.


One thing that anyone who tours Pascale’s showroom will notice is the unmistakable feel of a happy vibe in the air. The workers in her factory – men and women of different ages – smile at visitors as they take a peek in the factory, before resuming their meticulous work on various fashion pieces. They talk shop and personal lives, as well as subjects of common interest, exhibiting the pleasantness of working in a place that feels comfortable enough to warm up to your co-workers. Pascale interacts with them knowingly and with ease, as if they are family and not just salaried employees. Their work is excellent, and you can see their dedication to the brand in the way they talk about their projects and enthusiastically show you all the goodies that you can try on.


Photo Credit: Pascale Theard


The sight of the hands and hearts behind each piece in Pascale Theard’s collections of genuine leather accessories leaves one with the impression that she is a designer who cares very deeply: about her work, Haitian culture, her customers, and the artisans she has personally handpicked to create the leather pieces that are a testament to her talent. In my own work as a fellow artisan, fashion enthusiast, travel aficionado, and photography lover (among the many hats that I wear in Miami or anywhere else in the world), I sometimes turn to Pascale’s work for a fresh jolt of passion and zest.


Françoise Elizée

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