Introducing Ostrich to the brand

Francoise Elizee

Posted on October 01 2012

Having used authentic Lizard, Crocodile and Python skin for the past 3 years has been more than fun during the creative process.  I’ve enjoyed combining the skins into works of art.  One skin I’ve always had in mind, the most luxurious and rare of them all is the “OSTRICH” skin.  The structure and smoothness of the skin is something out of this world.  It is very soft, flexible yet very strong and durable.
OSTRICH is crowned the most luxurious and exclusive… screams sophistication, and elegance.
As seen above, the very first piece featured in OSTRICH skin is the “Carole”…one of our best sellers online.  It is a classic cross body clutch.  Very versatile and easy to wear.
Watch out for the “OSTRICH” Arriving soon and available online this December.
Until next time,
XOXO  … Françoise

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