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Francoise Elizee

Posted on October 22 2014

celebrity inspiration

I have to brag, I found the answer to the most stressful daily dilemma: what should I wear to the office today? The solution was right there in the beautiful outfits worn by stylish celebrities!

I admit, the dilemma of the perfect office outfit arises every day. Is it ok to wear jeans? How about a mini skirt or a printed dress? I know, it sounds so familiar. That’s why I started looking for examples to get some inspiration for choosing cool, relaxed and perfectly suitable clothes for the office.

From retro inspired skirts to ample dresses, from jeans and relaxed cut jackets to asymmetric skirts, colorful dresses and cool overlaps, I decided it’s time to steal the secrets of the stars to create glam office outfits!

Check out below 12 perfect examples of style!

If you work in a creative environment, you can wear a daring outfit like Diane Kruger, you just need to choose the prints carefully. Don’t forget to add a colorful detail – yellow sandals and the Single Star ring from Francoise Elizee are very cool!

You can also opt for a mini skirt! It’s allowed if it’s about a hand above the knee, no more! Charlize Theron gives us a perfect example: a tweed skirt and a sweater with leather details, superbly combined. I would add The Sophisticated bag from Francoise Elizee to complement the look with a chic accessory.

For a warmer day Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress is a perfect choice. But be careful, you have to have a body as slim as hers to look spectacular. Don’t hesitate to decorate your wrist with the Star Charmed Bracelet from Francoise Elizee, it will look absolutely fabulous!

A touch of color, yes even a bold purple, and an extremely feminine detail (flounces) are two coordinates that harmoniously blend in this dress chosen by Julianne Moore. An asymmetrical skirt fits perfectly with a simple cotton shirt. On a chilly day add a jacket and a wide belt at the waist just like Olivia Palermo.


Jeans are always rescuing us. A veil blouse and a pair of animal print ballet shoes will complete the outfit perfectly. Oh and you can even opt for Miranda Kerr’s hairstyle. Don’t forget about the accessories the Erzulie earrings and necklace will work perfectly with any of these outfits!

A smart office dress in neutral colors enlivened by a pair of peach stilettos and the Dainty bag in Ivory from Francoise Elizee: chic and very feminine, just like Emma Stone.

On rainy days don’t forget to take a trench with you: Naomi Watts’s option has conquered me! Or, wear a jacket in a soft color, like blue, just like Emma Roberts. The cream shirt is also lovely! Don’t forget to add the Four Coffin Necklace from Francoise Elizee and you’re good to go!

Femininity as its best: a mini dress in black and white with a cute print is always a ravishing choice. Amy Adams proves it! If Carrie Bradshaw would have been a corporate gal I’m sure she would have chosen an outfit like this. The dotted mini dress, the sweater and the pink shoes propelled Sarah Jessica Parker in my top choices! The Regal clutch from Francoise Elizee will complement these dots beautifully!

A windy day? A retro leather skirt and a sweater in the same buttery color will turn heads. Just take a look at Alexa Chung. Add the Damballah Charm necklace and you’ll look spectacular!



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