Fashion Countdown to Auntumn

October 06, 2014

Fashion Countdown to Auntumn

Winter wardrobe staples: the practical parka

The countdown to the winter season has started, and in this period the wisest wardrobe investment is a jacket that guarantees you both thermal comfort and a trendy look.

The parka type jacket is a classic winter item, the perfect utensil for casual outfits, regardless of its design. Here the blue parka continues the navy theme of the look with a striped tee and boyfriend jeans. The Sophisticated bag from Francoise Elizee in Ivory Leather is the perfect accessory to complement this transitional outfit.


To combine utility with fashion, this year’s parka patterns are available in many versions and styling. With or without hoods, fur collars and cords, in their traditional khaki color and other color variations, the parkas remain a mainstay in the autumn/winter season of 2014.

This type of utility jacket exceeds its status when it comes in contact with other key, uber cool pieces from your wardrobe, resulting in many imaginative outfits. Although at first sight, a parka may seem like a “work uniform”, I suggest, if you haven’t done it yet, to start thinking seriously about investing and introducing a parka jacket in your seasonal wardrobe.

This outfit shows how The Sophisticated bag, from Francoise Elizee can be used in any situation. Pair it with boyfriend jeans, a classic shirt, a loose sweater and a fur lined parka for a casual stroll or a comfy office outfit.

For the current period, the outfits are still transitional, so I advise you to opt for a thin parka. Most of them have double padding, but you can easily find a lighter design, ideal for the early fall temperatures.

Thus, one of the handiest outfits for this period can be composed of a pair of jean shorts, a loose shirt with an en-coeur cleavage and on top, a parka type jacket in a light shade. Finish off the outfit with The Regal Clutch from Francoise Elizee to get the ultimate urban chic look.

Since sport inspired pieces are still in big trend, another great day outfit that you can wear consist of a jersey pencil skirt, a shirt and a pair of slip-on sneakers (if you can, choose a special design or a particular texture).

If you like dresses and you prefer a feminine style, even in this context, a parka can become your ally. Match a short dress, made from a light material, with a pair of boots with a medium heel and a jacket on top. Glam up the outfit with the Engraved Damballah Bangle from Francoise Elizee and you’re ready for a night out.



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