Chic Tips & Tricks On How to wear a sweater in Autumn 2014

September 28, 2014

Chic Tips & Tricks On How to wear a sweater in Autumn 2014

Chic tips & tricks to wear a sweater in autumn 2014

Fall is fast approaching and you’re probably wondering what sweaters are trendy this year. I will keep the suspense a little longer and only reveal a few keywords: comfort, quality, feminine and intricate details. Well, what I can say for sure is that the star of the fall 2014 season will be the knitted sweater!

Wardrobe surprise: the large print sweater

If you were a fan of the printed T-shirt during the summer, take advantage of this trend: sweaters with large prints. The animal word has inspired fashion designers for several seasons, from the cute to fierce, all prints are descending from the catwalks and are perfectly integrated in street fashion.

Graphic prints have the same success, either brightly colored or not. Combine them with simple clothing items to avoid over loading your outfit.

Practical choices: the turtle neck

The turtle neck is indispensable in the cold days and it seems like it will never go out of style. You can find it on catwalks in all shapes and colors. It can be easily integrated in any outfit and it successfully manages to cope with the cold days. Opt for designs with leather inserts, prints, cutouts or even holes. Turtle necks and tunic collar sweaters are top choices for outfits with a sexy flavor.

A loose piece for autumn: the oversized sweater

Oversized designs remain trendy for fall 2014, so you can include them in a lot of combinations. They are among the most worn sweaters for women. Here are a few suggestions: choose army inspiration pieces, urban chic, elegant and office.

You’re probably thinking that this item won’t highlight your body shape. I say no way! Accentuate your waist with a belt, wear skinny pants and shoes with high heels and you will see what a special visual effect they all create together, especially if you’re mignon.

Indispensable pieces: the maxi cardigans

In the same camp as oversized sweaters are maxi cardigans, especially if ease and comfort are important for you. There are thick and fluffy designs that go great in casual type outfits and thin and fine variations that are ideal to complete elegant or office outfits. Don’t forget to emphasize your waist with a belt.

Still in trend: the stripped sweater

Since I already mentioned the printed sweater, I can’t omit the striped variation. Although horizontal stripes are more popular, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear vertical striped sweaters, considering that they create the feeling that you have a long and thin body. If you want to get out of the crowd, count on sweaters in intense shades, but keep the outfit minimalist in the bottom.

Chic designs: the cropped sweater

The cropped sweater is making all the headlines this fall. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit every type of figure, so not everybody can enjoy it. If you have wide hips or your waist is not well defined you should avoid this design. In the warmer days of fall you can wear it simply, but in the colder ones I recommend overlaying it carefully to avoid both cold and fashion mistakes. You will never fail with an all-black outfit, or if you wager on neutral shades or if you create the right contrasts. Don’t exaggerate with prints, vivid colors or multiple fabrics.

Say no to monotony: the intense sweater

Forget about sad autumn days and change your mood with a sweater in an intense shade, joyful and energetic. Surely all eyes will be on you and you’ll become a true urban attraction. So don’t hesitate to spice up your wardrobe with these type of sweaters. Fashionistas all over the world have already adopted this trend. Dare to approach it, but balance out your outfit with pieces in neutral shades.

Check out the fashionistas below to get some inspiration:

Pale colors


Susie Lau from Style Bubble made some intelligent combinations of styles during Paris Fashion Week. She kept her focus on mild tones like straw yellow and gray and she overlaid a knitted sweater with a varsity jacket. What the outfit is missing though is some key accessories like the Burst Of Stars Charm Necklace and the Burst Of Star Rings, both from Francoise Elizee. This kind of sporty outfit needs some glam, especially at an event like Fashion Week.

Back to black


Who doesn’t have a black sweater in their wardrobe? Wear it with a pair of white jeans and black shoes for an immaculate impact. Sweeten the effect with a masculine shirt worn underneath as Capucine Safyurtlu from Vogue Paris does. Complement your outfit with The Sophisticated bag from Francoise Elizee and you’re ready for Fashion Week.

Twist it


Give a new shape to a trivial sweater. Twist the cuffs and wear it with jeans. Add a cool bag like The Dainty from Francoise Elizee to complement the outfit and carry your essentials.



Smooth out the schoolgirl effect created by the sweater and the shirt with a vintage leather jacket and a cool bag, like The Regal from Francoise Elizee.



Yasmin Sewell fashion consultant, proves that the oversized trend goes also for the bottom. The tricks are hidden in the turned collar and massive platforms that elongate the outfit. Perfect this outfit with the Erzuile necklace and earrings from Francoise Elizee and you’re ready to strut off to Fashion Week.

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