How to rock a single earring

Francoise Elizee

Posted on August 04 2014


During her appearance at the Valentino couture show in Paris, people thought Emma Watson just had a wardrobe malfunction when she was spotted sporting one earring alone. “Emma Watson just lost an earring,” were the common thought during the event. Everyone was abuzz since one of the highest paid actresses of her generation just lost an earring to a high-profile event.Although A-lister celebrities are always dolled up to the fullest especially during red carpet affairs, there’s always room for a fashion faux pas. But if you’re a style maven like Emma Watson, who likes to create a statement in her own subtle way, then you’d understand her effort in making everyone else worry a tiny bit. So if you’ve been meaning to jump into the single earring bandwagon, then today is your lucky day! Our favorite actress from the Harry Potter film series has been sporting the trend lately, and we can’t help but commend her uber-chic style. Over the years, Emma has mastered the art of mixing her feminine flair with her rebellious but romantic street-style facade as an actress making her a style icon in her own right. Do you want to know how she manages to land best-dressed all the time? Here are 3 tricks into stealing Emma Watson’s single earring statement like a true-blue stylish actress:


  1. When strutting your stuff with one earring alone, make sure you show off the piece without anything ruining the moment like strands of hair on your face. This gorgeous Stars 5 Earrings Dropped looks absolutely stunning when worn with a sexy party or cocktail dress.
  2. If you’re looking to wear your single earring with a casual getup like a v-neck top and denim cut offs, this Star Studs piece will turn you into a street-style maven a la Emma Watson.
  3. Still undecided if you’re going to jump into the single earring bandwagon? Pull your hair into a loose, finger-combed chignon and wear this Erzulie Earrings for a luxurious yet effortless appeal.


Are you going to sport the trend anytime soon, ladies?


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