My First Jewelry Collection "VEVE"

June 04, 2014

I've always had a weakness for fashionable handbags but what a girl to do ?  Jewels are always a girl's best friend;  And what better way to introduce my first jewelry line other than through inspirations of my native country Haiti.  
The designs were inspired by Haiti's VEVE symbols.  They each have a story and a meaning. 
OGOU the power that brings order and strength to the people, ERZULIE FREDA spirit of all that is love, luxury and beauty.  She embodies femininity and compassion.
PAPA LEGBA Symbol of connecting all things that are meant to be united.  Strong in matters of romance, order of things and destiny. DAMBALLAH he is a bearer of peace and harmony.  Water and rain follow him.
Within the VEVE artwork, I've accentuated Haiti's island life with key pieces such as the pineapple and stars.  
The collection is fun, timeless, elegant and unique.  It's certainly nothing like you've ever seen before.
Our jewels are made of the finest raw materials.  Brass hand dipped in 10 carat gold or sterling silver with sparkles of sawrovski crystals. 
I hope my pieces bring you luck and fortune wherever your destiny takes you,
P.S. The collection is now available at our shop online.

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