How to look fabulous without much effort

May 20, 2016

How to look fabulous without much effort

You like to shop, you're aware of all the fashion buzz, but you're still unhappy with the way you dress? You think your lack of time and financial resources prevent you from having a style cut from fashion magazines, or you're simply out of ideas when it comes to composing fabulous outfits?

I've prepared a series of tricks that will help you look like a million bucks, without having to empty your wallet or give up your little pleasures in your leisure time! Learn how to look fabulous with these simple tips!

Give up all the Clothes that don't fit you

Imagine the following scenario: it's early morning, you're in front of your closet which is full of clothes, and you're making superhero efforts to put together a "by the book" outfit, but you are simply smothered in clothes that no longer represent you. So, how can you compose your outfit if you are immediately discouraged by these inappropriate presences?

Get some inspiration from Fashion Bloggers


Chiara Ferragni accumulated a small fortune for her eye in fashion. So, why not benefit (for free) of her knowledge? If you find yourself in an outfit predicament, a simple visit to the Instagram page of your favorite fashionista will get you out of this mess. Stephanie Sterjovski is one of my favorites, you can find her Instagram feed here - And it's also fun! During this time, you can drink your morning coffee or serve a delicious breakfast, so the effort will be a particularly pleasant one!

What would Olivia do?

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You think that a fabulous outfit is unobtainable? Fashionista Olivia Palermo is ready to argue! You don't need to be a master in matching prints and you don't even have to own a celebrity wardrobe, you just need one or two quality pieces, like a statement necklace or a fabulous bag that you can match with a masculine inspired shirt and you're good to go!

Some Outfits just look better with Heels

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A dress will "behave" totally differently in the company of a pair of sky-high stiletto shoes! Yes, the sporty stream is trendy but not really reliable when you want to stand out of the crowd. If fashionistas all over the world can walk through snow in a pair of high-heeled boots, you can also gracefully wear a pair of stilettos.

Red Lips and Glam Curls

Yes, natural makeup is fashionable, but you should keep at hand a perfect red lipstick and learn to arrange your curls, and the flawless style will bear your name!

Plan your Outfits

At dawn, in a crisis situation, you just end up throwing on some jeans and a classic shirt alongside your favorite pair of sneakers. Of course, we all resorted to this act at one point or another, but the danger comes when it becomes a habit!

Reserve some extra minutes in the evening, before you go to bed, to compose your outfit for the next day. This is how you learn to dress impeccably!


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